SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2011

SEAMEO BIOTROP Annual Report FY 2011

During the Fiscal Year 2010/2011, SEAMEO BIOTROP exerted  extra efforts to improve its program of activities and operations to better serve its target clients and produce relevant outputs.


SEAMEO BIOTROP completed 18 projects along its 5 program thrusts on (a) Pest and Disease Managment, (b) Biosystematics, (c) Natural Products and Waste Management, (d) Water Ecosystem and Coastal Zone Management, and (e) Biotechnology through funding support from the Government of Indonesia.

The Centre also launched a thesis grants program for Indonesian PhD students in 2011.  The program aims to increase the number of qualified human resources in higher education institutions and government agencies in Indonesia.  Six PhD students comprised the first batch of grantees for  2011.

The Centre was awarded a certificate by the National Commission of Accreditation for Research and Development Institute (KNAPPP) of Indonesia in December 2010.  The certification is a formal recognition of the Centre’s capability to carry out research and development activities according to required national set of standards.

Training and Other Learning Events

SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted 14 training courses,  5 seminars/workshops and one symposium.  These activities benefitted 437 individuals consisting of professionals and graduate students from national and regional government agencies and private companies.

The Centre also facilitated 17 research internships and 63 on-the-job trainings of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students around Indonesia to help them fulfill their school requirements and/or earn their degrees.

Information Exchange

SEAMEO BIOTROP published 6 books, 4 issues each of BIOTROPIA and BIOTROP Courier, and 8 special publications (i.e., 2 guidebooks, 4 brochures, and 2 proceedings). The Centre’s  scientists also published 14 articles in refereed national and international journals and 7 technical papers and posters in proceedings of national and international conferences/ congresses/symposia.  These articles, technical papers and posters were the results of the scientists’ research projects mostly funded by the Government of Indonesia.

The Centre’s  website now has a  more friendly interface and a variety of information found in new sections added.

Special Programs

SEAMEO BIOTROP’s  Master of Information Technology for National Resource Management Program produced 8 graduates and acquired its ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation.  The program also produced 2 issues of its new journal title Information Technology for Natural Resource Management.

The Centre’s Community Development program benefitted 213 trainees from West Java, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and South Kalimantan provinces of Indonesia on mushroom, catfish, animal husbandry, and tree seedlings production.

Administration and Management

SEAMEO BIOTROP  crafted its 9th Five-Year Development Plan through a participatory process involving its staff and relevant partners and stakeholders and  already put in place its Strategic Corporate Communication Framework during the period under review.

Thirty-nine SEAMEO BIOTROP personnel underwent in-house and external staff development activities.  The Centre also upgraded its building facilities including its internet connectivity.

The  Centre recorded a favorable financial standing indicating an efficient financial management based on its FY 2010/2011 External Financial Audit Report.