BIOTROP Courier Vol. XIX Q1 2017

BIOTROP Courier Vol. XIX Q1 2017

I am very happy to share with you all that we started the first quareter of 2017 with signing of memoranda of understanding with Universitas Musi Rawas, Universitas Bina Nusantara, PT Jambi Lestari Internasional and PT Pemalang Agro Wangi.

Two international experts visited BIOTROP and shared their expertise during our First and Second Quarterly Public Seminar. The first expert presented his studies on “Novel uses of Active and Passive Remotely sensed Data for Monitoring Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Mangroves”. The second expert shared his expertise on digitizing herbarium specimens and also conducted training on the same subject matter to conserve BIOTROP herbarium specimens and to develop network with other herbaria worldwide.

BIOTROP also implemented training on GIS Application for Spatial Data Management this first quarter along with several in-house trainings to develop capacity building of BIOTROP Staff.

The continuous commitment of BIOTROP to empower the surrounding community is again proven by the Entrepreneurship Training on Catfish Cultivation and processing for Cihideung Ilir Community. In this training BIOTROP shared catfish cultivation technology as well as processing catfish into various nutritional food products such as catfish nugget, catfish crispy and catfish shredded meat. The training included how to create durable and attractive packaging for the food products as well as the theory of entrepreneurship and business management.

During the celebration of BIOTROP 49th Anniversary, we planted several seedlings of matoa and chestnut trees. We also released around 6000 catfish fingerlings into our semi-permanent ponds.