BIOTROP Courier Vol. 15 No. 1 (Jan - Mar 2013)

At the regional level, SEAMEO BIOTROP has organized the Third Regional Training Course on Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins in Food and Feed staff. In addition, the first SEAMEO BIOTROP in-country Training Course on Tissue Culture Technology for Plant Propagation and Nursery Management was held in Lao PDR. This activity was held in cooperation with the Lao National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute.

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 14 No. 4 (Oct-Dec 2012)

Greeting from BIOTROP!  The last quarter of 2012 SEAMEO BIOTROP’s programs and activities signified by the completion of research and training activities as well as other important and strategic Centre’s events and  achievements.  19 research projects including 6 research grants for PhD students were completed and 8 training course two seminars workshop and  two symposia were conducted regionally and  nationally.

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 13 No. 3 (July- Sept 2011)

During the third quarter of 2011 the following activities were conducted.The Centre was privileged to be organizers and co-organizer of three activities in July and August 2011. These were the 6th Regional Training Workshop on the Biodiversity and Conservation of Bryophytes followed by a one-day Regional Symposium on Bryology and Lichenology in Malesiana.

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 13 No. 4 (Oct-Dec 2011)

For SEAMEO BIOTROP, the last quarter of 2011 culminated with the completion of our  research and training activities and other learning events which we consider as among our significant achievements for this year.  That means 18 research projects, including the PhD theses of our grantees, and 8 training courses/ seminar-workshops/symposium. But what made this quarter more significant and memorable to us were the approval of our 9th Five-Year Development Plan (2012-2017) by our Governing Board and the collaboration with SEAMEO SEARCA in conducting a seminar-workshop on climate change adaptation in agriculture back-to-back with our respective Governing Board Meetings (GBM).

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 14 No. 1 (Jan - Mar 2012)

As  a  result  of  the  established  collaboration  among  the SEAMEO  Centers, the  SEAMEO  BIOTROP  and  SEAMEO SEARCA  Governing  Board  Meeting  and  Seminar-Workshop  on  “State  of  the  Art  of  Climate  Change Adaptation  in  Southeast  Asia”  were  jointly  held. The conduct  of  this  seminar-workshop    was  a    result  of cooperation among SEAMEO BIOTROP , SEAMEO SEARCA and  the  Government  of  Indonesia. The  Centre  has  the  privilege  to  organize three collaborative activities during January and March 2012.

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 14 No. 2 (April- June 2012)

Starting  May  2012,  the    Centre’s  scientific publication,  BIOTROPIA,  is    being  indexed  by Scopus, Google Scholar and the  Directory of  Open Access  Journal  (DOAJ)  making  BIOTROP’sresearch  findings  and  those  of  its  partner-institutions  more  accessible  to  a  larger  audience.During April up to June   2012, the Centre has the privilege to organize four national training coursesand   These were the training courses   on : Prevention and Control of Mycotoxins  in  Food  and  Feedstuff,  Weeds  and  Invasive  Alien  Plant Species  Management, GIS Application  for  Mapping of Potential local Agricultural  Resources,  and  Herbarium  Management.    In  addition SEAMEO BIOTROP  has also co-organized in cooperation with IPB  a national  Seminar  and  Training  on Problematic  and  Model    of Agricultural, Fisheries  and  Forestry- Based  Ex- Mi ned  Land Reclamation.

BIOTROP Courier Vol. 14 No. 3 (July- Sept 2012)

The activities that SEAMEO BIOTROP conducted during the third quarter of 2012 indicate the growing interest and and recognition of our works a reseach and development Centre by other institutions within and outside Indonesia.SEAMEO BIOTROP was honored to be included in the itineraries of two dignitaries during their visit to Indonesia. The first dignitary to visit the Centre this years was H.